Betty got her start in a small Southern Nevada town in the early 1980's, recording pretend radio shows onto cassettes alone in her bedroom. She sure had a lot to say back then! This continued into the 1990's, when she began collecting records and making heartfelt mix-tapes for friends. By the early aughts, her record collection had grown to quite an impressive degree, and she landed a cool job in music retail.

By 2006, Betty found her way to the Bay Area and eagerly began volunteering at UC Berkeley radio station KALX. Within a year, her life-long dream of “being a DJ for reals” had come true, and she remained a weekly programmer at KALX until March 2020.

In addition to her work at KWPT, Betty produces a weekly internet radio program showcasing her ever-expanding collection of vintage exotica, jazz and easy listening records. Betty is also a professional live event DJ with a massive vinyl and digital library. But she doesn’t play just the hits! She’s all about working in deep cuts and surprising audiences with the best songs they’ve never heard (or at least haven’t heard in a while). 

When she’s not on the radio or thinking about what to play on the radio, she is usually reading, writing or hanging out with cats at a local animal rescue.




Chuck is the afternoon guy on The Point, also produces special programming for KWPT and is co-host of The Humboldt Chronicles airing on all of our stations. His radio experience includes music, politics, public policy and news. Chuck is an Oakland A's fan and, after a loss, tries to avoid playing too much brooding Pink Floyd. He's also a jazz fan and recommends Jelly Roll Morton, Fathead Newman and anyone named Marsalis. He went to school for a long time, has a bunch of degrees and ended up here.


He's lived in Humboldt County for more than 20 years and has worked at LCCI since 2007.


Listen for Chuck on KWPT The Point from 12pm - 6:00pm Monday through Friday. He grew up in Louisiana so listen for hints of a Southern accent.